Shariah Panel

Shariah Panel

To ensure that AIMS provide par excellence services to its customers and comply with the principles of Shariah, we have access to a list of Shariah Scholars consisting of world’s leading and most renowned Shariah Scholars, who can be a part of Shariah Panel for our customers. List of Shariah Scholars are of highest repute with specialization, expertise and experience in law, economics, banking, investments, capital markets, takaful, financial accounting, audit, financial systems, etc. They have been part of the Islamic financial industry across geographies.

We develop all our Islamic banking products and services for our customers with guidance from these independent experts.  The Shariah Scholars can review, modify and approve any transaction at any level including but not limited to product concept, terms & conditions, legal documentations, process implementation, governance, compliance, audit, training, etc.

We offer unique proposition and flexibility where the customer chooses from the group of Scholars listed below to provide guidance and Fatwa for any types of transaction or situation.

The Shariah Scholars includes without any particular order:

  1. Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Kareem Abu Ghudah
  2. Sheikh Essam Muhammad Ishaq
  3. Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Ali Elgari
  4. Dr. Muhammad Iman Usmani
  5. Dr. Mohammed Daud Bakar
  6. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Akram Laldin
  7. Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Abdul Rahim Sultan Al Olama
  8. Sheikh Nizam Mohammed Saleh Yaquby
  9. Dr.Muhammad Syafi’i Antnio
  10. Sheikh Dr. Yousef Abdullah Al-Shubaily