AIMS have established close working relationships and have entered into collaborative agreements with experts in various specialities to further enhance its Financial Advisory capabilities for its customers.  Our partners have the following expertise:

Developing Islamic Markets

AIMS supports developing new markets and have entered into an MOU with a Chinese counterpart looking to break into mainland China.  The corporation includes creating knowledge base, assisting in cross-border visits, Islamic conferences and arranging financing deals for Chinese corporates.  For further information, please visit


Human Resources

Bespoke HR Consulting, Research and Training tailored to the GCC where international best practice is combined with GCC specific experience.  Tailored HR solutions, specific to each client and aligned to organization strategy.  Research-based thought leadership blended with real work HR and business experience. For further information, please visit


Islamic Conferences & Training

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of the global financial services industry with drive towards ethical principles.  A focused approach to reach the objective of being the global market leaders in conducting specialized conferences and training seminars in banking, finance, investments and insurance.  For further information, please visit


Islamic Trade Finance Solutions

AIMS has established regional representation to provide global experts in Sharia compliant trade finance duly supported by a global expert in forfaiting business from Europe.  Under this arrangement, our partner offer Sharia compliant solutions for forfaiting, collection and advisory services.  For further information, please visit


Islamic Standard Setting

Working with and supporting Islamic standard-setting organizations as well as Islamic Financial Institutions who have are focused on standardization of Islamic financial contracts and product templates relating to Accounting & Auditing, Governance, Capital & Money Markets, Corporate Finance and Trade Finance.  For further information, please visit