Trade Solutions

AIMS is the official regional representative of AIC Finanz GmbH from Germany, an independent financial services provider since 1991.  With a keen focus on emerging markets, AIC has a proven track record and acts as dependable and creative partner to the international trade transaction with highest industry standards.  

Dealing in bank-issued documents, we arrange to buy and sell receivables and act as international receivables collection agency with active around the globe in both fields.  We offer services for regions in which mainstream solutions often do not lead to the desired result that more than often require us to customize an “out of the box” approach and solutions to meet customer requirements.  The services offered are:

We buy and sell trade receivables from international trade transactions with any recourse to the seller of such claim.  Economic, political and currency-specific risk on clients’ is assumed by us.  The seller is only responsible for the legal existence of the claim and we assume its recoverability.  The seller benefits from (1) immediate realization of capital (2) liquidity enhancement (3) use of proceed for business origination (4) reduction in administrative overheads pertaining the receivable monitoring, follow-up and monetization in time.

We help recover receivables from international transactions where there are objective obstacles to payment by the debtor and/or the receipt of monies by the creditor. We are also generally prepared to attempt recovery of claims which have become overdue due to such objective circumstances. On the other hand, we are not the right choice of partner for collecting debts from defaulting debtors. We take action only under the provision that neither the underlying transaction nor our collection services infringe national or international regulations. We have the required official authorization from the German authorities to operate as a collection agency.

Any customer who intend to deploy the instrument of forfaiting more intensely, may contact us for the related advisory services. We assist in structuring a deal in accordance with the requirements of the international forfaiting market. Documentary peculiarities are being observed just as repercussions on the calculation. We also estimate the possibility to successfully place the receivable from such a deal with investors around the globe taking account of the tenor, the security involved and the related country risk. Such advisory service can be offered for a concrete transaction as well as in a more general manner under a training program for members of staff.